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Movability Austin is a new non-profit that will grow and mature over time.  For now, our priority is helping businesses and employers in the downtown areas to build commuter programs.


Employer Commuter Program

Movability Austin can help a company build a customized plan using individualized information from robust survey and consultation tools. The plan can incorporate a whole range of internal tools (e.g., parking management, commuter tax credits, telework, flexible scheduling, incentives, etc) and employee options (e.g., help with transit service, bicycling, walking, car2go/ZipCar, carpools, vanpools, etc.)


Events and Special Projects

Movability is already working with some of downtown’s largest events to develop travel options for event goers.

2012 Art City Austin

Art City Austin uses art and their event to promote conversation – How does transportation impact Austin’s public spaces, built environment, and our quality of life.