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Begin or Improve Commute Options for Employees.

Almost  30% of Americans say they have changed or left a job because of the length of their commute. Individually driving to work can leave your employees anxious and unsatisfied. This can easily have a negative impact on your business and the productivity of your staff.

Reducing your employee turnover results in cost reduction, increased productivity and morale, and will allow you to serve your customers better. Reducing waste, lowering pollution, and being a part of making urban transportation more efficient will have a positive effect on your public image. That isn’t just good sense. That’s good business.

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Membership Advantage

  • Contact Movability Austin for a FREE custom consultation to identify your company’s interests.
  • As a MEMBER Movability will survey your employees to identify their interests and needs.
  • Together we build the right commuter plan and decide ROI metrics, individually developed for each company we work with.
  • Movability staff will work with your company to:
    •        implement a tailored business plan
    •        create a communications and marketing strategy
    •        set up internal programs, and bring commuting options to your employees.
  • Then we help your company with evaluation to make sure we can show you the return on your investment based on metrics you helped establish.
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Many Options to Participate

Membership: Downtown Employers
Affiliate Members: Other Business, Non-Profit Organizations, and Individuals

Why work with us

Our common interest

Downtown Austin needs to get more people – employees, customers, clients, residents – downtown.  Yet, getting to and around downtown is already enough of problem during rush hours.  People stay away thinking that parking is too difficult. And more new development is in the pipeline – which means even more employees and residents are on their way.

We cannot build new roads, bridges, rail, or even bus services quickly. Movability Austin is helping commuters use transportation options available now. Shifting habits for how or when people come downtown is a low cost solution that will have immediate and far-reaching effects, such as getting more people downtown and making it a little easier even for those commuters still driving alone.

Your specific interest

There are already a lot of transportation and commuting options. But to use them, an employer has to understand enough about all the options to build a commuter program or employees have to discover and explore commuting options on their own.

Movability Austin is a kind of concierge for your company and employees.  You may have clear preferences for what you need – or maybe you just want fresh ideas.  We will help you understand what is possible, what your options are, and the route map to get where you want to go.

Membership Fees

Base: $250 for companies up to 50 employees
Add: $1.5 per employee (over 50 employees)
Cap: at $2,500

Membership Benefits:

  • Survey of employees
  • Build and implement a customized commute plan
  • Access to employer based services via separate contract
  • Electronic newsletter-educational and informational
  • Mission related advocacy
  • Elect of board members
  • May be nominated and serve on the board of directors
  • Invitation to membership events/activities

Affiliate Membership

  • Business:  $100
  • Non-profit: $50
  • Individual: $25

Affiliate Member Benefits:

  • Receive valuable information 
  • Participate in mission related advocacy
  • Eligible to serve on the board of directors 
  • Get invitations to special events.


Amount depends upon program and project specifics.

Major Donor Benefits:

  • Serve as a special advisor
  • Greater recognition that you or your company is part of the solution for vibrant downtown and the city’s sustainability, healthy growth, and continued “best-city” national ranking.
  • Invitations to high profile special events

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