Do You Use TNCs?

Transportation Networking Companies (TNCs) Uber and Lyft suspended service in Austin in May of this year. Other, local companies like Fare and RideAustin have since stepped in to provide similar services. Texas A&M Transportation Institute and the University of Michigan are conducting research to learn how the departure of Uber and Lyft has impacted travel behavior […]

Proposition 1 and Next Steps

On May 7, Austin voters voted down Proposition 1, which means that for now the City’s December 2015 ordinance requiring drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft to do fingerprint security checks – among other requirements – will remain in place. Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) Uber and Lyft had said that that if a “no” […]

No Matter What Side You’re On – Go Vote!

There’s been a lot of conversation – and confusion – around the Proposition 1 vote that Austinites are being asked to weigh in on. The vote centers around the issue of how to best regulate transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft (Austin also now has GetMe, which has largely stayed out of the fray). […]