Summertime, and Beating Traffic’s Easy

School’s out, and there’s a lot of great stuff going on in Austin over the summer. Here are some of our top picks, and the best stress-free ways to get to them! Take a dive: there’s nothing like a swimming pool to help fend off the Texas summer heat. Grab a B-Cycle to get to […]

Summer Commute Lovin’

There’s more and more understanding around the degree to which our commute methods are ingrained habits, no matter what the mode. That can make it hard to change out of your current routine, even when you know there might be a better way. There are times when it’s much easier for us to change our […]

Zen and the Art of Bus Riding

Some days Austin’s summers are particularly hot, prompting one of our followers to tweet:  That message got us thinking about the creative ways car-free Austinites approach their commutes. Certainly, you could catch up on work during your bus or train ride. But you could also turn a bus, bike, train, or carpool trip into a […]