Climate Change on Your Mind? Think About A Commute Change

Many people are becoming more concerned about climate change on an everyday basis, and are making changes in their daily lives to reduce pollution. If you’re among those wondering what you can do to mitigate the impact of carbon emissions, there’s good news – using options will help reduce those emissions, will certainly help improve […]

Save Austin and the Environment, One Commute at a Time

Earth Day, on April 22nd, is as good a time as any to take even small steps in reducing your “carbon footprint.”  Here’s why you might want to focus the effort on your commute. Americans burn 2.9 billion gallons of gasoline each year just while sitting in congestion. Austin motorists lose an average of 41 hours of precious time […]

Would You Rather…

Starting next week, Austin drivers will have a chance to make their commutes even more interesting: they will be able to choose between paying a per-mile driving fee if they choose to drive solo to and from work, or they can pay a prohibitively expensive fee each time they drive into the central business district. […]