How MoPac Lanes Will Give You More Options

If you’re a commuter who uses MoPac, the construction taking place there to add a managed lane in each direction has probably felt like a long slog. Now that the construction is nearing an end – really and truly – you may be wondering how one lane is really going to help your commute. After […]

What the New MoPac Managed Lanes Mean for Your Commute

The road to opening the new MoPac lanes hasn’t been a smooth one, but a portion of the northbound lane has finally opened, and the remaining lanes are scheduled to be open in early 2017. With the end of the construction in sight, many commuters are wondering “so what?” While some initial reports indicate that […]

MoPac Musings

If you’re a regular MoPac commuter, you’re probably looking at the calendar right about now and wondering what the end of all that construction will bring. After all, the end is in sight – right now the project is 70 percent complete. So what happens next? We chatted with the friendly folks at the Central […]