Employees Loved Their Ride during Mobility Week 2015

Did you hear the buzz? Austin just celebrated its second annual Mobility Week, and it was well embraced by Austinites! Hopefully you were among those having commute adventures (if so, you can still tweet your pictures and stories to @movability). Employees throughout the Austin region participated in Mobility Week by trying out new mobility options […]

Why The Mobility Challenge Is Good Business

HNTB employees are among those taking the Mobility Challenge Most people are frustrated by Austin’s traffic, and who can blame them? It’s unpredictable, wasting time and crushing the Austin buzz. It also has long-term impacts on health and wellness. But fewer people agree on the solutions, want to spend the billions upon billions of dollars […]

Cool Commuting Companies

Driving alone during peak rush hour traffic makes for unhappy and stressed employees, and can mean a big drain of time and money for businesses. That’s why so many companies in Austin are taking steps to promote alternative transportation for their employees by taking the Mobility Challenge. Need some inspiration to change the commuting culture […]