Japanese Delegation Visits Movability

Movability’s role as a transportation management association (TMA) means we focus on helping downtown Austin keep moving, but that doesn’t mean people from outside Austin – sometimes very far outside – aren’t interested. A delegation from a Japanese organization, Policy Research Institute for Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, recently met with Movability while in Austin. While […]

Tackling the Parking Problem

At one time downtown Austin was home to myriad, sprawling surface parking lots. But those days are fast disappearing, as our quickly-growing downtown’s land use needs shift. While using land for dense development rather than car storage is a good trend for the long-term health of our city, it has some major impacts on downtown […]

ACL Festival Is Coming – Are You Ready?

Austin City Limits Festival will take place October 2-4 and October 9-11. If you’re a festival-goer, that means lots of fun music – and whether or not you’re ACL-bound, it also means lots of not-so-fun traffic. Whether you’re headed to ACL or you’re a regular commuter who just wants to get to work already, it […]