Beyond Apps

There’s an app for everything nowadays – from dating to tracking fitness to finding a great new restaurant. And the same thing goes for transportation apps – they range from matching you with a carpool buddy to counting down to the next bus. In fact, Austin is #1 in the “Innovative Transportation Index” – meaning […]

SXSW: A Case Study for our Next 70,000 Residents?

The crowds may seem like a distant memory now (or maybe one you are trying hard to forget!), but just a few weeks ago, 70,000 festival-goers flooded into Austin for SXSW music, film, and interactive. While some locals opted to leave town or just stay home, our visitors got into and around downtown by train, […]

Transport Yourself with Music

How do you find joy in your commute? Maybe you take a nap, catch up on news and articles, or just daydream. But for some commuters, it’s all about the tunes. Carpoolers Caitlin and Kenzie’s daily commute is like a Thelma & Louise adventure with a top-notch soundtrack. They use the Carma app to pick […]