Electrifying News in Transportation

There’s new energy in the Seaholm EcoDistrict! Last week, Austin Energy unveiled Electric Drive, a multi-use recharging station powered entirely by renewable energy. The charging kiosk and ports for electric vehicles are at home on a street that got an an honorary designation as “Electric Drive” along West Second Street, coordinated by the Austin Transportation […]

Complete Streets: The Next Level

For many years, most of Austin’s major streets were designed and built for cars first, with other users (like bikes, buses, and pedestrians) often squeezed in during subsequent retrofits. You can tell just by comparing the amount of space allocated – measure those five traffic lanes against a 5-foot sidewalk! But last year, the City […]

You Don’t Have To Be a Cyclist To Commute By Bike

More and more people are turning to bike commuting as an inexpensive and healthy way to get to work. And Austin is making it easier, safer, and more pleasant to choose bike commuting as an option. You’ve probably already noticed all the new bike lanes and trails in Austin making it easier than ever to […]