Smackdown Rules

How to Play Smackdown:

1. Download the actions sheets (below) and start completing the actions for a particular mode, be sure to record your actions on the game board each time you do something.

2. You can commute using as many modes as you want, as many days as you can (you’ll really rack up the points that way!) 

3. Combining modes: If you use multiple modes to get into work, be sure to count them all!

4. How the Multiplier works

If your commute is 3.1 miles one way, at the end of the game, your total score will be multiplied by 1.5. This is to level the playing field for those who live farther away.

  • > 1 mile, none
  • 1.1-3 miles, 1.25
  • 3.1-5 miles, 1.5
  • 5.1-7 miles 1.75
  • 7.1-10 miles 2.0
  • 10.1 + 2.25

If you need assistance planning routes, getting passes, have a few questions, whatever you need contact Lauren, or 512.999.0379.