Screen shot 2015-03-30 at 11.27.45 AMWe highlighted RECA President Ward Tisdale’s #30DaysOffTheRoad experience in an article, but we’re also making him our Commute Hero for his intrepid commuting experiment!

“My wackiest John Candy moment was Friday, Jan. 16. It went something like this:

  • #5 bus from home (Redd St. and Gillis) to downtown (4th and Lavaca St.)
  • Seven-minute walk to work.
  • Borrowed car to the Austin Board of Realtors grand opening event in northwest Austin.
  • Drop off car at Cirrus Logic, walk to MetroRapid stop at 4th and Lavaca.
  • Took MetroRapid to The Domain for a “tasting” at the Westin Austin (in preparation for our annual fundraising event, KnockOut Night.) The 45-minute ride, by the way, was not so rapid.
  • Caught ride from RECA team member back to work.
  • B-cycle to a happy hour event on West 6th St.
  • Took bus home for night.

On that day, I traveled 51 miles using my feet, the bus, a bike, a borrowed car and a bummed ride. It was one for the ages.”


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