“I began working downtown six months ago. I hopped on the MetroRail at Lakeline and it was always a relaxing ride to the downtown station and back home after work. It was a great chance to catch up on reading or plan my day. My walk to work from the downtown station was a short 8-10 minutes and something I really enjoyed as I love being outside! The rail was even more fun on those days I looked out and saw traffic at a standstill on the expressway.

“I recently moved closer to downtown so I could walk and/or bike to work. Living and working downtown is amazing! I am still in “tourist” mode, discovering wonderful new art and historical features each day. Walking gives you a whole new perspective in your world and slows everything down to an enjoyable “smell the roses” pace. Now, on my morning and evening walking “commutes” I meet new people, hear live music, and am drawn into new restaurants…life is great!”

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