Robin and her employer are both CScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.01.22 PMommute Heros! Robin works for uShip, a downtown Austin tech company. uShip charges its full time employees $50 per month for garage parking, but for those who choose not to drive, the company offers Green Credit. Is you choose to opt out of parking, you get $50 a month as an incentive for going green, Robin says. The company also has bike racks, tools, and tire pumps for bike commuters.

Robin has taken advantage of that offer, using a combination of alternative transportation and her bike. Since starting work with uShip in March, she’s logged 270 miles on her bike! “I’ve saved money, my stress levels have gone WAY down and I feel overall more sane. Commuting and sitting in traffic every day was killing me!”

Robin also has advice for biking in the heat:

-Leave early! If you have flexible work hours, try to leave early before peak intensity sun hours.

-Hydrate all the time, especially if you are biking while the sun is up. I use Nuun Tablets in my water to help replenish electrolytes, as I find they’re less sugary than Gatorade.

-Bring a change of clothes to work. I often find I’ll get to work feeling sweaty and smelly during summer months, and feel grateful for remembering to put an extra shirt in my bag.

-Take a pit-stop if you feel you’re getting over-heated. Research signs of heat exhaustion, and try not to feel rushed, especially on your commute home after long working hours.

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