Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 4.45.38 PMMeet Matthew Lewis, Assistant Director of Planning at the City of Austin. We ran into him on the MetroRapid on a recent morning and got to hear about his commute.

On Choosing a House

“When we moved to Austin, I told my realtor that I wanted to be within half a mile of a transit stop. We started looking around the ML King Jr. Station, but the tiny homes going for half a million dollars were out of our price range. We ended up moving to the Highland neighborhood, near the Crestview Station. It’s a well-connected neighborhood with a park nearby and lots of transportation options. It feels like the neighborhood hasn’t been ‘discovered’ yet and we love it.”

On Using Lots of Options

“The nice thing about the Crestview Station is that I have my pick of rail or MetroRapid. Most days I take the train into downtown, then B-Cycle the rest of the way. I like starting my morning off with a short bike ride. But sometimes I take the MetroRapid instead, because it drops me off right in front of my office.”

On Selling His Car

“Austin is horribly congested and it makes driving stressful. I avoid it whenever I can. With 2 young kids, it’s hard to go completely car-free. But my wife just got a job near Plaza Saltillo Station, and we’ re hoping that will allow us to become a one-car family.”

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