“I started using the bus and biking regularly when I worked at the Capitol. It was a straight shot from my house on the Eastside, and I just didn’t want to circle looking for parking and hike across the Capitol grounds. I ride my bike to work three days a week and drive twice a week. No matter how I get to the office, once I’m there I try to book all my meetings on the Eastside or Downtown, using the #17 or #4 bus. Sometimes I have to hop on a MetroRapid to visit UT or St. Edward’s and sometimes I have a trip way out in the suburbs that requires a car, but I limit my driving meetings to Mondays and Fridays. I appreciate the fresh air and exercise when riding my bike on the Boggy Creek Greenbelt. When I’m taking the bus to and from meetings, I like being able to stay up-to-speed on my email and social media, instead of stuck behind the wheel of a car.”




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