efc32e1674505ea672_k1m6b9tilLarry Graham is chair emeritus of the Downtown Austin Alliance board, and has been a bicycle commuter for the last 10 years, riding to work about three days a week. He also loves to use Austin B-Cycle when he’s downtown. “My office is at Barton Skyway and Mopac, and I live in Allandale, seven miles from the office. My house is maybe ½ mile east of Mopac. It takes me the same time (or less) to ride home than it takes me to drive home on MoPac.  It is actually a rational choice for me.

Also, I have a friend in the building that also commutes via bicycle.  Frequently, we ride home together.  Much more pleasant than being stuck on Mopac. My 7.3 mile commute includes several miles on trails separate from the roadway, including the mile-plus Johnson Creek trail, from Mopac and Enfield to the pedestrian bridge over LadyBird lake.  People would be surprised at how pleasant most of my ride is!

Sometimes after work I stop and go for a row at the Texas Rowing Centre, which is maybe ¼ mile off my route.  Much easier to access via bike.”

Image via People for Bikes

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