“I sold my car five years ago, and haven’t looked back. Austin is becoming more and more public transportation-friendly, with new innovations and technology always popping up. I currently take the CapMetro #7 bus to and from work each day. I’m lucky that the bus stop is a block from my apartment, and a block from my office. It’s a quick 25-minute commute, and the trip has definitely improved with the downtown bus-only lanes. Also, being a state employee, and a member of the Texas Public Employees Association, a new TPEA-CapMetro partnership allows me to get my monthly bus pass for 25% off. My commute is a great way to relax before and after work, catch up on reading or Facebook. As for other transportation options, it’s also easy to utilize car-sharing Car2Go or grab a Fare. Utilizing alternative transportation methods is saving me well over $500 a month. And in a city with so many things always going on, that’s more money to get out and enjoy living in Austin.”

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