John Kennedy, the Downtown Austin Alliance’s new Vice President of Mobility, is something of an expert on alternative commutes! Here are just a few of the options he likes to use to get to work:

“I often bike to work (about 10 miles each way, mostly away from the road on the beautiful Southern Walnut Creek Trail as well as along the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail into and out of downtown). A couple of years ago I did a six-day bike tour from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC (about 350 miles, average 60 miles per day). Last year I rode my first century and also did a tour of Skyline Drive (Runs north from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia) for two days and climbed more than 13 thousand feet. I love that cycling is a significant component of my commute. I use telework and flex hours when circumstances such as evening meetings, travel, or inclement weather change my normal work hours. I also try to walk, bike, or utilize transit when attending local meetings.”


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