Screen shot 2016-01-04 at 3.45.42 PMJessica’s favorite modes are walking, running, and biking – anything to get her heart pumping. She and her husband bike to work together along the hike and bike trail from Riverside, so they’re able to avoid major roads and enjoy natural scenery. “To me, having a car feels restrictive. That may sound crazy to some people, but I love the freedom of choosing whatever mode fits best in each situation. My Touring bike will take me wherever I need to go, and I arrive clear-headed and energized.”

Jessica’s advice to new bike commuters:

  • Map your route in advance so you feel confident. Don’t be afraid to stop along the way, and pull off somewhere safe to check your map and re-orient yourself.
  • Go with a friend your first time! Jessica says, “My husband was our bike pioneer. I felt more comfortable trying out new routes and learning the rules of bike commuting with an experienced cyclist to help.”
  • Be respectful of all modes of transportation, and obey the laws.
  • Claim the lane when you need to, and even when you aren’t sure if you need to. “If you’re biking up against the curb, cars may pass you in the same lane when it isn’t really safe,” she says.

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