“I’m working on reducing carbon emissions via transportation so it was important to me to “walk the talk” – or dare we say “cycle the talk” or “carshare the talk?” In my pursuit with Rocky Mountain Institute to transform mobility away from car ownership to shared, electric, autonomous mobility services, in a city designed for it, I decided to get rid of my car in February of 2017. I had a glorious commute biking along the Lady Bird Lake Trail and the boardwalk from my apartment on East Riverside to my workplace on Barton Springs Rd. I recently moved and now have to bike on the roads. I love it less than the trail but I enjoy getting in a little bit of exercise every day. It makes for a healthier lifestyle. Roads can be unsafe because car drivers can be careless and drive straight into bike lanes without checking for bikers, so I recommend lots of lights. My tip for people who want to have smarter commutes is to not be fearful of the Texas summer; bike in athletic clothes and change in the office, and supplement biking with the bus and carshare to get you to those meetings that you don’t want to arrive to as a sweaty mess. Oh, and did I mention how much money you save?!”

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