“I commute via bicycle from almost Highway 71 (near the Broken Spoke) to Barton Springs Road on a combination of South Lamar, Mary Street, and Bouldin Ave. I began bike commuting daily in grad school because it was a lot easier than dealing with a car, and I did not want to stop once I moved to Austin. I even decided where to live based on how my bike ride to and from work would be. Plus, I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint. I really enjoy the downhill part of it in the morning on my way to work (it’s not quite as fun on the way home, but it is a good workout). Plus the fact that I am not sitting in all the surrounding traffic or producing any emissions where it is all too easy to do so. I also arrive to work more awake and ready for the day since I’ve gotten my blood pumping a bit. And it is SO FUN!”

Garrett’s advice to would-be bike commuters is:

1.       Don’t be intimidated or discouraged if you don’t have “cool” gear or a flashy bike to ride – use whatever is comfortable as long as it is safe.

2.       Be safe and visible. Wear a helmet, have lights front and rear (that flash), check your brakes and tire pressure before you leave.

3.       Be predictable (use hand signals and do not make sudden moves).

4.       Never assume a motorist has seen you – ride with your “head on a swivel.” Always be prepared to take action.

5.       Have an awesome time riding your bike and reducing your carbon footprint!!

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