capmetroElizabeth works at Silicon Labs, and is part of the company’s Transit Committee. She’s also a Commute Hero!

“I moved to Austin from Montreal, a city with a highly evolved transportation system, and so it was natural to me to continue riding the bus. One of the key parameters in my apartment selection was to be located on a major bus line straight to work. The Rapid 801 stops directly on the corner of my street. My morning commute to work allows me to listen to music, catch up on email with the free on-board wifi, or simply look out the window and enjoy the ride. I am also a huge fan of Car2Go, especially when my adventures take me on meandering routes with differing to-and-fro paths.

Silicon Labs recently rolled in the MetroWorks program, allowing employees to purchase discount transit passes. We also engage with Movability Austin for quarterly Transit Adventures, where we take the bus to explore various neighborhoods around town. Destinations have involved local breweries and tasty lunch spots!

I am looking forward to Austin expanding public transit as we work together to solve our traffic woes.”

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