unnamedDan is a Sr. Technical Fellow leading the Client Products SOC Architecture team at AMD. Outside of his busy work schedule Dan is an avid cyclist. In May 2009 he was looking for a way to train more during the week, so he started riding to work. Recently he passed 12,000 miles of bike commuting!

I live in Bee Cave (Falconhead), about 16.5 miles from AMD’s campus in southwest Austin. I ride to work 2-3 days per week. For those familiar with Austin, I take FM620 to Bee Caves down through Barton Creek to Southwest Parkway to the office.  Best part is the route has some great climbing going both directions adding up to about 1400′ vertical each way.  That’s where the real workout comes in. I love the quiet time to think and get organized for the day, or to detox at the end of the day. Often, my cycle travel time is the same as it would be driving. It’s great in the evenings when I just blow by everybody in traffic. Sitting bumper to bumper by the way seems much more exhausting and repetitive.”

For those who aren’t looking for that kind of a workout but still want to explore bike commuting, Dan says “I’d suggest riding once or more per week for at least one month. Just getting started is often the hardest part. If it’s too far, consider driving or using public transit part way, then riding the rest. If you need help finding a route, start with the City’s bike map and/or go to a bike shop for help. They can also suggest appropriate gear and bike if you need it. Also, sometimes new riders like to partner with a more experienced “bike buddy.” Austin has a Bike Buddy site that facilitates these matches, as do many cities around North America and even the world. If you’re on the fence, give it a chance and you’ll probably be surprised at the benefits.”

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