“I don’t have a typical commute thanks to my status as a freelance reporter who headquarters from home. However, each day will find me running from one government building to another. I primarily scoot around on my bike, but also walk, take the bus, or — when I’m running late — I’ll find a Car2Go. When I do the latter, I’m often reminded why I got rid of my car in the first place: Driving simply sucks. Sitting in a steel box all by myself while maintaining full attention on the other steel boxes around me piloted by thoroughly fallible humans is a complete drag compared to the breezy peace I get while zipping around on Austin’s growing network of bike lanes. Sure, the heat and some hills can be killer, but short trips, light clothes, and a little planning ahead takes care of that. In the end, I save thousands of dollars each year, get some exercise, reduce my carbon footprint, and probably add years to my life just by avoiding the stress of futzing around with rush hour traffic.”

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