Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 4.22.27 PMWhen Movability Austin’s Membership Manager Alix Scarborough first moved to Austin, she did the default: drive. “It was an easy choice – the only commute incentive my employer provided was free downtown parking. But I soon realized that even meditation was not making MoPac traffic manageable. I was arriving to work cranky, and dreading my afternoon drive. A co-worker told me about her experience as an occasional bus rider, and I was intrigued. When I moved to a new residence a few months later, I looked for something near a MetroRapid stop and promised myself to take the bus at least two days a week. I immediately noticed a huge difference in my stress level, and started taking the bus more and more frequently.


“Currently, I take the MetroRapid 801 almost every day. I like to read the news on my phone, or listen to NPR. When the weather’s bad, I grab a car2go or beg a ride from one of my friends. Most of my meetings are downtown and walkable, and I also do a lot of video conferencing so that everyone I work with can avoid the trip. I plan to sell my car when I move again in a few months.”












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