How do you commute and why? I commute to work by bike. I love biking to work because I can actually get to work faster than driving. I also love biking to work because it gets my blood flowing and I always feel so fresh and ready to work after biking in. I work for a Landscape Architecture firm called RVi and as a landscape architect, biking gives me a change of perspective that helps me design those same types of places whether it is a streetscape, a bikeway, or a park..

What do you enjoy about your commute? I enjoy everything about my commute from the fresh air to the muscles pumping. I also really enjoy the Lance Armstrong Bikeway. I feel so safe biking to work and a big reason is because of that Bikeway.

Any tips for people interested in biking downtown? To just do it! I first started commuting with a Walmart bike and a backpack and it was my first step to getting more comfortable biking on the road. As I got experience I was able to realize what would make me more comfortable for my commute like clipless pedals and a pannier. Eventually you find a routine that works for you and trust me, you will never want to drive to work again!


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