Movability Austin can be your concierge to play as well, especially if playful and social activities also help you to discover and use new mobility options.

Mobility Austin works closely with downtown employees to make it easier to get to work and to get around town during the day. But we can also help If you’re coming downtown to have fun. Whether you’re headed to a concert, a festival, dinner and a movie, a museum, or to one of the many special events that happen throughout the year, we can help you find a travel option so you can leave the car at home.


We are working with special event promoters to promote travel options that will make it easy  to enjoy the fun without the hassle and expense of driving and parking. We’re asking promoters to make a commitment to rewarding you if you choose to use options like transit, bicycling, walking etc.

Transportation Tools

This tool box helps you find the options available to you for travel downtown.  If you need more help, contact us!


The City of Austin has begun a project to make it easier for residents, commuters and tourists to find Downtown Austin destinations and attractions by integrating a range of navigation and communication tools for traversing the downtown area, such as signage, brochures, kiosks and smart-phone applications. Although the plan won’t be complete until 2013, we’re already looking forward to this useful tool.


Use this great new service to locate the best place to park before you even leave your house!