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Movability Austin is Central Texas’ only organization dedicated solely to helping commuters do more with their time by finding mobility options that work for them. We work with employers and employees to enhance mobility and improve economic vitality through customized professional planning and implementation services.

Movability Austin is a non-profit association working with the City of Austin, Capital Metro, and the Downtown Austin Alliance to solve the transportation and mobility issues that affect our region. Our partnerships provide different levels of support based on cash, in-kind contributions that have an equivalent cash value, or a combination of both. In return, our partners receive marketing benefits and community engagement opportunities through Movability Austin events, campaigns, and promotions. Partnership packages can be tailored to meet the needs of your organizational goals and stakeholders.

  • Mobility Visionary $50,000.00 – This elite group is the driving force behind our movement helping us to pave the way for the future of transportation. Our Visionaries provide the crucial funding to multiply Movability Austin’s impact, and we know that we couldn’t succeed without you.
  • Mobility Innovator $25,000.00 – Our Mobility Innovators are the movers and shakers. You are our thinkers who support new and creative ideas to help us keep Austin moving. Without your support, many of our programs would never make it out of the office.
  • Mobility Pioneer $10,000.00 – Our Mobility Pioneers are our early adopters. You are an active participant and an essential voice in the transportation conversations.
  • Mobility Trendsetter $ 2,500.00 – Our Mobility Trendsetters are our champions; our cheerleaders. We need you to help us spread the word and reduce traffic and stress.
  • Mobility Advocate $ 500.00 – Our Mobility Advocates are our voices in the community. You are the ones that help us connect the dots between commuters and their mobility options.

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Movability also offers additional opportunities to help you gain exposure and connect with the right audiences to promote your services. Please contact Alix Scarborough for additional information.