How Mobility Options Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you’ve vowed to save money, lose weight, or eliminate some stress in the new year you’re not alone! Those are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions – and they’re also very hard to maintain with sheer willpower alone.

But making changes in your daily habits can bring about lasting change that will help you accomplish those goals. One of the biggest habits that affects all of those areas – health, money, and stress – is how you get to work.

Changing ingrained habits can be hard – which is why so many employers are helping their employees try out mobility options. Using options like carpooling, walking, biking, transit, teleworking, or flex hours, even just one or two days a week, can help employers and employees:

  • Save money on parking and gas.
  • Add exercise into the day without an extra trip to the gym.
  • Cut down on the stress of a drive-alone commute. That means better retention rates for employers and better health and happiness for employees.

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New Downtown Hotspots to Check out with Options!

There are some great new venues that have either just opened up or are about to open their doors around Central Austin, and there a plenty of options for getting there without the hassle of parking or traffic! They also offer a great way to spend some time downtown while you wait for rush hour traffic to abate before heading home. 

Fareground is Austin’s first food hall. Opening on January 18 at 111 Congress, Faregound will include six Austin food vendors and outdoor park space. Check it out via B-cycle, Capital Metro, your own bike, or on foot if you work nearby.

The new Central Library is on West Cesar Chavez Street, and features six floors of reading porches, meeting areas, a tech petting zoo, rooftop garden, gallery space, and of course lots and lots of books. With bus stops adjacent to the library and a connection to the Lance Armstrong Bikeway and the Butler Hike and Bike Trail, it’s easy to get there without driving. The library will also have a bike corral, planned to open soon, so you can park your bike.

What’s your favorite Austin hangout? Send us a photo of yourself using options to get to your favorite place, and we’ll include it in a future newsletter!

Check it Out: Draft of Austin’s Local Mobility Annual Plan Now Online

Via Austin Transportation Department

The preliminary draft of the City of Austin’s Local Mobility Annual Plan is now available online for public review. It outlines anticipated sidewalk, Safe Routes to School, bicycle, urban trail, safety/Vision Zero, and substandard street/capital renewal projects to be taken up with funding from the 2016 Mobility Bond in 2018 and beyond.

You can read and download the Local Mobility Annual Plan, view an interactive project map, and provide feedback through January 14, 2018.

The 2016 Mobility Bond invests $137 million in local mobility improvements. The Local Mobility Program includes six distinct categories: Bikeways, Safety/Vision Zero, Sidewalks, Safe Routes to School, Urban Trails and Substandard Streets/Capital Renewal.

To enhance transparency with the community and leverage coordination opportunities within the Local Mobility Program, the Austin Transportation Department developed an annual planning process called the Local Mobility Annual Plan. This preliminary draft lists projects to be taken up in 2018 and beyond. In many cases, implementation depends upon successful feasibility analysis, coordination and/or additional public processes.

Final publication of the 2018 Local Mobility Annual Plan is scheduled for February 2018. This annual Local Mobility Annual Plan process will be repeated each year in order to capture any changes or new opportunities that coordination among our local mobility partners may present.