Becoming Air Aware

Earth Day may take place in April, but there are plenty of year-round opportunities to work for a healthy environment – and there’s a great one coming up on May 1.

Join Austin Councilmember Alison Alter, Tim Jones with Environmental Health and safety Compliance and Policy at Samsung, Dr. Elena Craft, Senior Health Scientist with the Environmental Defense Fund, and Anton Cox, Air Quality Program Specialist with the Capital Area Council of Governments at the Air Quality Awareness Week Breakfast. The event takes place from 1am to 10am on May 1 at Mattie’s at Green Pastures, 811 W. Live Oak Street.

Breakfast is free, and you’ll get a chance to learn about regional clean air efforts.

To learn more about the event or RSVP, contact

Can’t make the breakfast, but interested in how you can help improve air quality in Central Texas? One of the biggest actions individuals can take is to reduce the miles we drive alone. Using options like transit, carpooling, flex hours, teleworking, biking, or ridesharing can make a difference! Contact us to learn more about how you and your employer or employees can find the right mobility options.


An Easy Way To Go Green This Earth Day


Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and there are some great events going on around town to help get you into the green mindset.

Capital Metro and Earth Day Austin are planning an Earth Day 2017 event at Huston-Tillotson that will help you cut your carbon footprint and include fun activities. At the Transportation Pavilion, exhibitors will help you learn how to add walking, biking, transit, car sharing, ride sharing, carpooling or vanpooling to your daily commute. At the pavilion, find commuting resources, a bike valet and repair station, a sneak peak of emerging transportation projects, the modern vehicle showcase, mobile app assistance and help to create a customized trip plan. PLUS, pledge to cut your carbon by changing your commute at least once a week, and you’ll be invited to make it official on the Graffiti Bus!

Speaking of the GRAFITTI BUS…..

Here’s how it works:

1) Visit with a Transportation Pavilion exhibitor.

2) Make a pledge to cut your carbon by changing your commute AT LEAST once a week.

3) Capital Metro will calculate how much carbon your new commute will save.

4) Take your carbon savings to the Graffiti Bus and make your pledge public!

And how better to get there than by making it a transit adventure? Capital Metro is providing free day passes and running increased frequency on the #4 bus all day long. If you’re a first time bus rider, join the transit adventure group for a fun and easy ride to and from the Earth Day festivities.

For those who want to get serious about reducing their carbon footprint beyond Earth Day, contact us at Movability! One of the great benefits of using mobility options is that in addition to saving you time and money, it also reduces pollution. We can help you find ways to connect with options that work for you and your schedule!

Member Spotlight

We’re excited to welcome some new members and welcome back renewing members to Movability. Read on to learn who they are, what they do in Austin, and why they see being mobility leaders as so important for our community.

  • Stitch Fix is a well-known online personal styling service for women and men that blends personal styling expertise with algorithms to deliver highly personalized apparel and accessories selected to fit clients’ tastes, lifestyles, and budgets. Stitch Fix joined Movability in an effort to solve its parking and commute problems in downtown Austin. As the company prepares to launch a new commuter benefit program, Stitch Fix is partnering with Movability to provide the appropriate resources and encourage solutions that fit its employees lifestyle and budget.


  • Jackson Walker is renewing its Movability Membership, and we couldn’t be happier! As Austin’s largest law firm, Jackson Walker is a mobility leader in Austin. As Jackson Walker Partner and Movability Board Chair Jim Pledger said, “Sitting in traffic isn’t the best use of our time. We are committed to reducing employees sitting in rush hour traffic.”


  • Freewheeler is a digital TDM (transportation demand management) engagement platform. The app automatically tracks commutes and identifies more active travel modes. That means it’s helping employers and individuals incentivize healthier commutes with points and rewards, and at the same time providing multimodal transport data. Freewheeler joined Movability to network and share ideas on reducing car use.

  • Chariot, which is already a Movability member, is stepping up to be a sponsor in the 2017 Mobility Challenge Partnership. San Francisco-based Chariot entered the Austin market last October, offering crowd-sourced shuttle routes for commuters.


If Movability membership looks like it would make sense for you or your employees, learn more about joining here!