Help Capital Metro Transition to the Future of Transportation

In the last year Austin has seen many glimpses of the future of transportation: shared-use mobility (like car sharing and carpooling connections through Carma), app-based taxi-like options (think Uber and Lyft), integrated trip planning (the RideScout app does this well), and even self-driving vehicles (have you seen the Google Cars?) This was all topped off […]

Where, Oh Where, Shall Bike Share Go?

As readers of this fine newsletter, we know how savvy you are when it comes to choosing and using options. That’s why we would like to direct your attention to Bike Share for a moment. The City of Austin is asking the public (YOU!) to give input on where you would like to see the […]

Speak Your Mind!

Do you have an app that makes using options easy? Or maybe fun? Let us know about it! Take this poll and let us know what your favorite commuter related apps are. If we didn’t include your favorite app, include it in the comments and we’ll update the poll!