Goodwill and Caritas Execs Raise the Bar for Other Mobility Challenge Leaders

We love the creative gusto with which Jerry Davis, CEO of Goodwill Central Texas, launched Goodwill’s employee mobility survey. Davis made a creative and entertaining video (we will share that video as soon as it’s available) for Goodwill employees taking a humorous look at all the mobility options employees can use – including swimming! His […]

Video Roundup

Here are two great videos worth sharing. The first, a hilarious PSA on what qualifies as a safe passing distance between cars and cyclists, comes from Tasmania. The second is from closer to home: Austin’s own government access channel, ATXN, produced this video on Austin Transportation Department plans, and won an Emmy for it!

All The News That’s Fit To Watch

via RideScout While we’re pretty fond of our own little newsletter, we’ve also been excited to see other transportation groups putting out some really fun PSAs and helpful tips in the form of creative videos. The City’s “Don’t Block the Box” initiative is underway, and the Austin Transportation Department included this fun video in its […]