No Matter What Side You’re On – Go Vote!

There’s been a lot of conversation – and confusion – around the Proposition 1 vote that Austinites are being asked to weigh in on. The vote centers around the issue of how to best regulate transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft (Austin also now has GetMe, which has largely stayed out of the fray). […]

The Millennial Influence

Much is made of the millennial generation’s lifestyle choices, from how they use technology to the places they live. We have already written about the experts parsing millennial driving habits and the growing evidence that youngsters these days don’t approach a relationship with vehicles the way previous generations did. So this time Let’s Go News […]

Old Austin is Gone – it’s Time to Navigate New Austin

When U.S. Census Bureau numbers came out at the end of March showing that the Austin metro area now has more than two million residents, there was a lot of gnashing of teeth among those who inch through ever-increasing traffic congestion on a daily basis, and might feel like all two million are on the […]