Making the Most of Data

There’s no doubt we’re in the age of data, and that data can help us approach mobility in an entirely new way. But it’s one thing to collect data, and another to analyze and use it in a productive way. That’s where a new dynamic duo comes in. The Austin Transportation Department is embarking on […]

Austin: Turn Your Big Brains to Finding Opportunities to Repurpose and Remake Space for People

There have been some incredible new pedestrian and bicycle designs in the past decade, from New York City’s rebirth of an old and abandoned elevated rail line into The High Line:                   and NYC’s reinvention of parks and pedestrian and bicycle interactions:           […]

Creating Change, One Street Corner at a Time

The intersection at East 6th and Waller Streets grabbed the attention of Austinites earlier this month when the City used delineator posts and some bright paint to transform – at least temporarily – a mundane intersection into a bike and pedestrian-friendly crossing. Here’s how it came about: the City had received 311 calls asking for […]