Ticketing Our Way to Pedestrian Safety?

News came out recently that the Austin Police Department hopes it can help make a dent in pedestrian fatalities by increasing its ticketing power on highways. APD has said that while there’s an existing ordinance that prohibits pedestrians from crossing I-35 and U.S. 290, there’s not an updated version that applies to 183A, S.H. 130, […]

The Millennial Influence

Much is made of the millennial generation’s lifestyle choices, from how they use technology to the places they live. We have already written about the experts parsing millennial driving habits and the growing evidence that youngsters these days don’t approach a relationship with vehicles the way previous generations did. So this time Let’s Go News […]

No Mixed Signals Here: Downtown Gets New Transit Queue Jump Signal

Downtown commuters may have noticed some changes at the Lavaca Street and W. MLK, Jr. Boulevard intersection. In an effort to help keep buses moving, the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) recently extended the transit priority lane and installed a transit queue jump signal on Lavaca Street at its intersection with MLK. This is good news for […]