Searching for Safety on the Road

Road fatalities are rising; in the U.S., more than 17,000 people died in traffic incidents in the first six months of 2016, a 10% increase from the same time last year. In Austin, there have been 54 traffic fatalities as of Oct. 14. Experts say the one of the main reasons behind the rise in […]

Making the Streets Safe for All Travelers

Last week, two separate incidents highlighted the need for policies like Complete Streets and Vision Zero – and for drivers to be vigilant. In separate incidents, two Austin Independent School District students were struck by vehicles as they exited their school buses. Thankfully both students are OK, but both were too-close encounters in a city […]

What We Did Over the Summer

Movability’s Director and Membership Manager traveled to Portland, Oregon this summer to attend the Association for Commuter Transportation’s 2016 International Conference. The annual conference is a gathering of mobility professionals from around the world, so it’s a great place to hear ideas, learn about new technology and design, and see what other organizations like Movability […]