Vision Zero Improvements Mean Safer Streets

As part of the Vision Zero Program to end Austin traffic fatalities, the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) has completed a safety improvement project around the intersection at North Lamar Boulevard and Rundberg Lane. The upgrades include medians designed to reduce left-turn crashes, a new pedestrian hybrid beacon, a traffic signal with pedestrian crossings, high-visibility crosswalks, […]

Making Vision Zero Actionable

You may have heard about the City’s Vision Zero initiative, a plan to reduce traffic deaths to zero. While much of the work around achieving that goal revolves around engineering, policy, and enforcement, a big part of it also depends on the community. With that in mind, the Austin Transportation Department and Austin Police Department […]

New Downtown Bicycle Signals Are Coming

The Austin Transportation Department (ATD) is planning to install experimental bicycle signals at 12 downtown intersections in early 2017. The idea is to improve safety for both cyclists and motorists on roadways where both users share space and traffic lights. The bicycle signal faces will control bicycle movements at these intersections, giving them a distinct […]