The Invisible Bicycle Helmet Project

Bikes are a fun, sleek way to get around, but despite the obvious safety precaution many people view helmets as a hassle due to their clunky, awkward design with the notorious disadvantage of sweaty, helmet hair. While obviously better than a cracked skull, it’s also not the way you want to roll up to an […]

Safe Routes to School

Walking or biking to school is the healthiest way for children to discover an active lifestyle and build a sense of community from an early age. Accompanying your child for their morning commute also offers a great opportunity to spend time together to talk and teach them about traffic safety. There is a program that […]

Making Biking More Fun and Less Scary

The Atlantic Cities magazine ran an article that got us talking. Here are a few excerpts from the Atlantic Cities piece: City streets can be scary places, especially when you’re on a bike and everyone else is rushing past you in cars. Our streets can also be deadly places: in 2010 [PDF] 618 U.S. cyclists were […]