TNC Update

Earlier this month we wrote about the latest Council action regarding transportation network companies (TNCs) and the questions that are still up in the air around that issue. While there have been no major developments, there are a few significant dates coming up: Councilmembers have not yet specified what the incentives and disincentives that would […]

TNCs in Austin: the Debate Continues

On Dec. 18, the Austin City Council voted 9-2 to pass an ordinance that would strongly encourage transportation network companies (TNCs) like Lyft and Uber to fingerprint their drivers through incentives and disincentives. Since then, there have been a lot of “what’s next?” questions. The ordinance isn’t technically a mandate requiring TNC drivers to go […]

It’s a Wrap: Transform Your Trip

We want to give a big thanks to the dozens of hard working interns who helped us have Commute Chats with downtown commuters, and the hundreds of downtown employees who stopped to talk about their commuting experiences as part of our Transform Your Trip initiative. Transform Your Trip has now wrapped up, and we learned […]