SXSW’s Big Transportation Year

Only the Brits could think SXSW is a “secret festival” gathering, but this week news outlets as far away as the Guardian did two stories (SXSW: the secret festival gathering for 20 US mayors with tech agendas and ‘We’re just getting started’: inside Austin’s contentious clash with Uber and Lyft) on Austin. Mainly because last […]

The Epic Bus Ad

All too often people perceive transit as unsafe, a perception that’s sometimes reinforced by transit agencies themselves. Not so with this Danish bus ad – it’s making bus riding the epitome of cool. We hope you get a laugh from it, and maybe rethink your position on the bus.  

Launching 20/20 Mobility Solutions

Most everyone will agree traffic is a huge problem in Austin. We are spending more time stuck in traffic than ever and less time doing, well, everything else. Congestion is affecting our quality of life and it’s hurting our economy. Yet people recognize traffic is really a problem only in the morning and evening – […]