People Walking Downtown: Forgotten or Getting Better Everyday?

Virtually every person going downtown by auto, bike, bus, or train ultimately becomes a person on foot. Foot for foot (pardon the pun) sidewalks can allow one and a half to three time as many people (1,100 to 2,000 people per hour) to move compared to a lane for cars. Plus, there is no parking […]

NACTO in Austin: Big Crowds, Big Ideas

Austin hosted the 2015 Designing Cities last month, a National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) conference. We shattered previous attendance records, with over 650 guests from across the country. And for a few days, in some areas of downtown, the number of transportation geeks may have almost equaled young tech developers. Whether you want […]

Meeting Demands for a Walkable Austin

“Walkability” has implications for much more than transportation – it can affect our health, neighborhood affordability, security, and sense of community. So it makes sense that walkability has become a buzz word in recent years, at the national and local level. (Last year, walkability expert Jeff Speck visited Austin, speaking to over 300 residents and […]