Who cares, really cares, about healthcare?

Are you trying to lose a little weight? Maybe you know someone suffering from depression or asthma. These health challenges are bigger than you and your loved one. In fact, they are reaching epidemic proportions in the US. and after hearing from a couple of compelling speakers (Dr. Richard Jackson and Chris Leinberger) on the […]

Downtown Development

Downtown Austin and downtowns in general have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last decade. This resurgence has attracted new people that in turn attract new development and that cycle continues until we have a downtown that is light years ahead of where it was ten years ago in terms of jobs, residences, transportation […]

Where’s Your Urban Porch?

Open multi-use spaces in our community like parks and open lots offer an opportunity for something unexpected to happen. A street fair, a pop-up shop, or some live music can easily re-purpose a city street, vacant lot or a neglected park to revitalize the space as an area to slow down and relax. When the […]