Where’s Your Urban Porch?

Open multi-use spaces in our community like parks and open lots offer an opportunity for something unexpected to happen. A street fair, a pop-up shop, or some live music can easily re-purpose a city street, vacant lot or a neglected park to revitalize the space as an area to slow down and relax. When the […]

Thoughts on Walkability

People prefer living where their home naturally extends into a community full of neighbors to visit with, public spaces (like pools and parks for kids to play together), retail areas to window shop, restaurants, and shops to buy groceries. Having places to explore and discover new nooks and crannies extends a sense of home. This […]

TOD Can Shorten Your Commute

A new hot topic in the geeky transportation world focuses on helping people live closer to their work place, thus greatly reducing the distances traveled to get to work. Before you shake your head because you know how expensive it will be to get a place downtown, we know that many downtown employees can’t afford […]