New Apps For Pedestrians

If you’re a walker, or have vowed to try to take those 10,000 steps a day we’re supposed to be getting, there are a few apps out there you might want to consider. Moves is compatible with iPhone and Android. It automatically records any walking you do (as well as running and cycling.) It allows […]

Health Bit:Your Magic Pill to Better Health

If a pill existed that would lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk for heart disease, help you lose weight and gain muscle, help your joints, improve your ability to concentrate and overall mental health, would you take that pill tomorrow? Many of you probably would! The great news is, that ‘pill’ exists and you can ‘take […]

Pedestrians Unite!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, this sidewalk sure could use some work.” or “Gosh, I’d walk to work, but there’s that one really dangerous intersection.” Well, now is your opportunity to speak your mind and be heard. A Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) has been formed to give advice to City of Austin staff, […]