Meet Movability’s Newest Members!

Movability’s membership program is growing, and we’re excited to be working with employers, service providers, and individuals that all want to find better ways to commute and help Austin’s economy thrive. We’re happy to welcome a few new members on board this month! Read on to learn who they are, what they do in Austin, and why they see being […]

Downtown Austin Alliance is One of America’s Best Workplace for Commuters

The Downtown Austin Alliance, under whose management Movability operates, has been named one of the 2018 Best Workplaces for Commuters. The list is comprised of  a select group of U.S. employers recognized for offering employees exceptional commuter benefits. Part of what makes the Downtown Alliance a great workplace for commuters is the organization’s commitment to providing […]

Movability Members Spoke, and We Listened!

  We want to make sure that we’re providing our members and partners with valuable tools and services, so at the end of 2017 we conducted member and partner feedback surveys. While we’re thrilled that our members and partners are happy with their Movability memberships, we are planning on addressing their goals of making connections, […]