Carpooling: Pool Party or Hostage Situation

Depending on what you bring to the “sharing” arrangement, a carpool can be a lot of fun, or anxiety ridden, or something in between.    Whether you are an early adopter in the “sharing economy” or simply a married coupled traveling together, this Shareable Magazine interview with Steven Schoeffler has good advice. Finding People – […]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Most of us have beliefs that we hold as truths and rarely question. These are not necessarily controversial things, but rather everyday notions that settled in our brain a long time ago and have not been reconsidered since. In The Stories We Tell Ourselves, we will present some common assumptions we’ve heard from friends and […]

Make your Commute More Awesome!

Don’t just sit there (in traffic) – perk up your morning commute with these tips. Commute Nicer: Studies show that people who drive and commute alone have high stress levels, while people who bike to work, ride the bus, walk or carpool with friends/family are healthier, live longer lives and are happier because of it! […]