The Millions of Millenials

Are you a recent college graduate, saddled with debt, worried about buying a home or a car while also saving for retirement? Well, do we have a savings plan for you! The cost of driving your car back and forth into downtown and parking every day can sure add up. Let’s look at a few […]

Reese Tri-es It for Rush Hour Challenge

This spring, Movability is hosting Austin’s first-ever multi-modal, rush hour street race: The Austin Rush Race. No, there will not be any F1 vehicles involved, but we will be exploring Austin’s diverse, and growing, commute options. If you keep up with our newsletter, you’ll remember when we covered the Boston Rush Hour Race earlier this […]

@SocialMedia #Speak and #BeHeard

Love it or hate it, social media has taken hold of our society’s attention and is here to stay. We get steady streams of information from our friends, family, businesses we like, news outlets, and more. Some police departments are even going to Twitter to locate stolen bikes. Commuters and traditional news outlets are using […]