Do More: We Can Help!

Austinites logged an average of 41 hours sitting in traffic last year, and it’s getting worse. Movability Austin just started a new initiative to help drivers reclaim their commuting time while cutting down on congestion woes for everyone. Do More: Transform Your Trip will help any interested downtown employee to discover how they can actually […]

What It Takes to Tackle Traffic

The Austin Chronicle recently ran an article that took a good, hard look at what it will take to change Austin’s traffic woes. There’s no one silver bullet to improving mobility in Austin, but there are some behavior changes we can all make that will help. Here are some of key points from the article […]

The Uses for Bike Share That No One Saw Coming

The Uses for Bike Share That No One Saw Coming. Clever bike share users from all over the world are finding unique ways to make the most of bike share. We can’t wait to see how Austin residents will keep it weird when we launch bike share in December! Let us know the fun and […]