Reese Tri-es It for Rush Hour Challenge

This spring, Movability is hosting Austin’s first-ever multi-modal, rush hour street race: The Austin Rush Race. No, there will not be any F1 vehicles involved, but we will be exploring Austin’s diverse, and growing, commute options. If you keep up with our newsletter, you’ll remember when we covered the Boston Rush Hour Race earlier this […]

The Truths (and Myths) of Teleworking

Welcome to your work day: Wake up, brush your teeth, get ready and get in the car. Drive, honk, yell, get cut off in traffic, fight for parking, pay for parking, deal with office politics. Glorious.  After work: get out of downtown, fight traffic again, yell again, listen to some classical music (it doesn’t help). […]

What A Rush…

This past May, members of Livable Streets and the Somerville Biking Committee pitted different modes of transportation against one another in a race to get through the notorious Boston rush hour traffic.  The Rush Hour Race challenged a cyclist, a runner, an inline skater, a driver in a personal vehicle, and a T rider (“T” […]