Nudging Toward Changed Traffic Behavior

We’ve written before about how Austin’s growing population means we will have to find ways other than building more roads to deal with our traffic problems. There are a number of ways to do this, from choosing to live near transit or work to committing to using transit or a carpool. But change is hard, […]

People are Key in New Austin Transportation

The Austin Transportation Department (ATD) just released its 2013 Annual Report. While that’s not the kind of thing we’d normally cover, there are some exciting nuggets in this report we just can’t ignore. Both ATD Director Rob Spillar and City Manager Marc Ott recognize how much YOU are part of the solution. “We’ll need your […]

Tech Roundup

RideScout adds features RideScout has introduced a new feature on its app! RideScout is a free app that pulls together all the travel options available for your trip and gives you the time and cost for each one so that you can decide which option suits your needs. RideScout has now integrated notifications for buses […]