How To Attract The Next Generation of Workers? Give Them Options

Millennials will comprise as much as 75 percent of the American workforce by 2025. And guess what? Millennials don’t like driving. So it makes sense for companies that want to be attractive to young talent to start looking into ways to incentivize and support commuting options outside of driving alone during rush hour. How do […]

Launching 20/20 Mobility Solutions

Most everyone will agree traffic is a huge problem in Austin. We are spending more time stuck in traffic than ever and less time doing, well, everything else. Congestion is affecting our quality of life and it’s hurting our economy. Yet people recognize traffic is really a problem only in the morning and evening – […]

HNTB’s Commute Smackdown

This spring, downtown engineering and architecture firm HNTB decided to encourage use of transportation options in a fun and competitive way: they played a game. The company-wide Commute Smackdown contest awarded points for a wide variety of commuting-related tasks, encouraging participants to take incremental steps towards changing their behavior. Some tasks were simple, like locating […]