MetroBike Shelters: An important step towards increasing bicycling in Austin

  Combining public transit and bicycling is a great way to travel. Public transit is great for medium to long trips, bicycling is perfect for shorter trips and when you combine them, you have all of your trips covered. This is such a successful pairing that there are often too many bicyclists trying to get […]

Staycation: Think Outside of …Your Car!

  You don’t have to travel to distant cities for new adventures. Chances are you still have plenty to explore right here in Austin‘s growing urban playground. Whether you seek the urban thrills of days at museums and nights on the town, the calming serenity of nature, or want to simply get out of your […]

Rocket Electrics’ Commuter Club: Yet another commuting option

Rocket Electrics wants to make a positive change in your daily commute. Since opening their doors last year as Austin’s first electric bike shop, Rocket Electrics has been providing our city with an energy-efficient, hassle-free alternative for your daily commute. They have recently created the Commuter Club rental program, which gets you five 24-hour rentals […]